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by Your Faithful Follower - May 12, 2009

I have been sick for quite sometime. Please heal me in my time of need. I''ve prayed upon it many nights and truly need this, Lord.``


GOD - If you ask Me for healing in the name of My son Jesus Christ, you can believe that I have healed you. Jesus not only died for all sin but also for all sickness. So you can be sure you are healed eternally, and if it serves My purpose you will be healed on earth.


by Alex - May 10, 2009

God, this is really tough to ask, i can''t really imagine asking anything from you to begin with....I feel people do not like me, i feel people hate me and want me to die and i feel my life is in danger every day.....i pray, and i try to listen to you but i can''t hear you any more, please talk back, i will do anything to get my life back to normal.


GOD - I don''t talk much anymore. Jesus is My voice now. Pray to Me in His name, (He knows all about people not liking him, hating Him, and wanting Him to die.) and I will answer by working in your life. Get up every day and ask Me to guide you. Go to bed every night thanking Me for getting you through another day. If you will do this you can be sure I''ll be with you, and you can be sure your life will never be normal. LOL!


by evelyn - May 8, 2009

God with all my heart of asking you this I want to find the real answer. Why did you gave me this? Why does it have to be me who have this life? Will you help me through it? I know i promised you I won''t be like the rest of my family but it is so hard to keep that promise. So with all my heart will you help me to guide me through the right path and with my dream job I feel like i have nobody but you. `` and please help my family of letting all the love out i feel no love right now.


GOD - Yes I will help guide you if you trust Me and have faith. Just be ready to follow My lead, and know I will give what you need from My perspective. Not necessarily what you want from yours. Hang in there Evelyn I wont forget or forsake you!


by Joes - May 8, 2009

I am lost and dont know if i should continue going to college here or stop and follow in my parents footsteps...what should i do?


GOD - Do both. Oh, and you should follow in My footsteps first.


by toby - May 5, 2009

I have lost my mother and i never met my dad. Why cant you direct me to him. Every time i pray to you you don''t answer them.


GOD - I''m your Father. Start treating Me that way and I''ll answer your prayers the way I know is best for you.


by Jaideep Grewal - May 4, 2009

God... Why me.... my love gone far away,,,, I lost my job.... I lost money in stock market... I failed to qualify for bank job even after scoring distinction in MBA... my family lost faith in me... Now... what more ur holding for me...


GOD - A new life. Time is short, stop asking why and start asking what you can do for Me. Have faith, and be sure I will direct your path.


by Larry - May 3, 2009

I''ve come over some inappropriate stuff over the internet but i haven''t gotten caught my friends keep on sending me videos like that what should i do?``


GOD - Change friends.....


by Patricia - Apr 30, 2009

I was bullied as a kid. One or two advised me to kill myself. Bullying is in the news today. What if a school kid is so badly tormented by bullies they''re driven to suicide through no fault of their own? Will God automatically send the suicide victim to hell while still offering the murderous bullies their own chance to be saved?


GOD - There''s only one sin that is eternally mortal, and that''s blasphemy against My Holy Spirit. The rest are forgiven, past, present and future. I judge the heart of each, and save who I want to.















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