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by Tony Plumb - Sep 20, 2009

Grew up with a sociopath step-father who magnified all my mistakes and ridiculed me constantly, physically and emotionally mistreated me, made me adhere to the strictest grooming standards ( while allowing my half brother to choose his own styles )which made me the laughing stock at school...Prayed for years, nothing happened... Bad marraiges, 4 total...Prayed for each one to get better, nothing happened.. Bounced from job to job, all around the country, always working, but still never fit in... Finally get a good job, ( at 41 yrs of age, 12 yrs ago )as good as one can expect with my education...Work for 7 1/2 yrs. at it, ( diesel mechanic ) and become disabled due to skeletal disease. Denied twice by the SS for disability, get a lawyer, and wait 2 more years, still in the air ( total of 4+ years waiting to see if losing everything I used to own is enough )...Lost my marriage, my home, my rental property, my pick-up, my boat, my motorcycle, and at the end, just to stay current on my child support, even sold my tools ( some of which were my Grandfathers, who died in 67 ) and cashed in my 401K... Prayed all the time, to no avail. If this is the way things work out for people who really try to keep the faith, I have officially decided you people lie... It is all a bunch of crap to keep the money rolling in... If you really feel sorry for me, think I have gotten the bad end of the stick,each one of you send me a buck so I can avoid the street, which is where I am headed...This is a put-up, or shut-up moment... God is a figment of my imagination...My conscience, perhaps... Yours, too... Years wasted believing I had some sort of safety net, only to discover it is not real, just a kind notion...Left to hang in the wind by God and my government...Where does one go from here ??? ( Rhetorical, no answer necessary, not that I would believe it, anyway..) Please do not bother praying for me, send the money instead.. Tony


GOD - Jesus was murdered at the end of His ministry. What are you crying about? You''re still alive, food in your stomach, roof over your head. Don''t waste your faith by throwing it away now. Keep the upward and eternal view in sight. Don''t give up. I promise it will all make sense one day. Maybe here on earth, but for sure throughout eternity. BTW - Send me a buck or two.


by Jeff - Sep 18, 2009

You are not truly God are you? If you are, then what happened to David Koresh after he died? He believed in Jesus Christ as the Messiah. He sinned, but don''t we all? So how could he be in Hell?


GOD - Nobody believes in Jesus more than Satan. He preaches about Jesus all the time. There are millions of people that say they believe in Christ that are fooling themselves and others. I suggest you worry about your relationship with Jesus. It''s the only one you can count on.


by Free Soul - Sep 17, 2009

Dear AskGod.biz,

What are your views on the practices, methods, aims, and spirit of commerce/business, and the tendency within capitalism to dominate and exploit the gifts of The Creator; and to turn everything into objects, images, and services to be sold for the purpose of generating profit? Should the greatest gifts He has given mankind, the intangible things such as happiness, beauty, or health be given a monetary value or be spoken of as commodities for private gain; thereby placing the protection and care of one of His greatest creations, the Earth, below the acquisition of these free gifts?


GOD - The greatest gift given to mankind is Jesus Christ. Everything else is dust in the wind. The earth is not to be idolized. It''s been destroyed and recreated many times. And it''s going to be destroyed again and made new. So get your head out of the clouds of minutiae and focus your sight on what''s really important. JESUS!


by Dion - Sep 17, 2009

What Is The Meaning Of Life?


GOD - Life is a testimony of My power over everything. You are a witness.


by Robin - Sep 17, 2009

Ok. Let''s assume for a minute you really are of God. I know not everyone who claims to be of God is truly of Him. I know Jesus is real. I know he died for me. Even when I''m lost in doubt, I have faith that God is in control. I have sinned, and do so everyday. I have denied the gift of children He offered me by killing them before they were born. I would love to have a child now, but I''m too old, and my womb is too misshapen. I have begged His forgiveness for these, and all the sins I commit everyday. I thank Him for each day and all the blessings He heaps upon me each day. I pray for my sick friends and anyone I encounter that seems to need prayer. And still I know I fall short. I''m up against another hard place again. My question is how do I know I''m going in the direction He wants me to. I think I am. I''m a teacher, and I love teaching, but if I don''t find a job soon, and very soon, I''ll be out of a place to live and broke. There are other parts to that that God knows better than I do. I think I''m doing what He wants, but I am afraid it''s just me talking to myself, or worse, the enemy. I have welcomed and continue to welcome Jesus into my heart and my life each day. Any words of wisdom?


GOD - Robin, don''t doubt in the dark what you saw in the light. Your sins are forgiven, get over it. Put your faith first, keep praying, keep asking for guidance, AND KNOW I''m keeping my promises to you. Remember, I work My will not yours. Remember, If you''re asking anything in Jesus name I''m answering. Above all, HANG ON BABY! DON''T EVER GIVE UP!


by Salvador - Sep 15, 2009

what is your take on the Jews?


GOD - They are My People. But I have others from a different fold too.


by David - Sep 15, 2009

Why must we, Jews, wait one year for Yom Kippur to repent for our sins?


GOD - Because your stuck in the Old Testament Law. Join the New Testament where Jesus died for all sins once and for ALL His elected heirs.















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