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by Tedo - May 1, 2010

God for many years I''ve felt I was always an odd person. My high metabolism makes me feel angry at how skinny I am and many girls aren''t after a skinny dude. I constantly daydream and wish I was else where. I prefer the night than to the daytime. I''m very polite when needed and have excellent manners. I hate rap and hip/hop so much. I watch Tv series to escape my life but know there are good things in my life. I have a terrible blushing problem, attention towards me and giving speeches in front of people is hell for me. I''m very shy and I usually feel alone, even though I have a various amount of friends. I don''t show alot of emotion but I always have alot of it inside. I''m not afraid of alot of things including death and others I havent experienced yet but I think again I suppress alot of things so maybe that''s why I''m not afraid. I lie to feel excepted by various persons, but not to my very good friends, I guess the lying is more boredom. I get stressed out alot but I also worry about things too much. Revenge is a waste of time for me. I''m also very lazy and laid-back. I always dress casual because comfort is what I love. I''ve been in many accidents: being hit by a car while on foot, run over by a farm vehicle, crushed by heavy equipment, shot in the foot, and other minor accidents, I feel bad luck hovers around me. I really don''t like my brothers, they''ve ungrateful, unreliable, and are constant headaches. Both want nothing more than to drive people crazy,and bother and annoy everyone around them. I always wake up before my alarm goes off, at least 5 minutes and I feel like I never get enough sleep even if I got 8 or more hours. I havent had that many girlfriends, only 3, and I fell so hard for one that it almost felt like it killed me when she didnt even want to talk to me anymore. She said that if she talked to me about the break-up and wanting to still be friends (even with benefits) that she couldn''t have wanted to be just friends with benifits but again more than that. She said she just had to look away and put it behind us, because she did care for me but when looking at me she wanted me so much more. I know she''s nuts. I''m also attracted to very out-going women and ones that have weird quirks and unusual ideas and say off-the-wall things and have a macabre feel. Sometimes I feel like a hopeless romantic. Love is something I think about more than sex. I get chills when I listen to love songs/ballads that I like and often sing some of them myself, they touch me. I obsess over the women I find attractive but I''m not too hurt when they don''t feel the same way. I believe in true love. I openly express how much I care and love someone. I can''t stop thinking about women I cared and loved some much. I think about marriage and having a child even when I tell myself that I''m not worried or going to think too much about it until my late 20s.

I''m not talkative to just anybody, the very best of friends see the real me. I''ll talk to my best friends about anything even things that other people will ask `Did he just say that?`. I''m deeply honest but not hurtful with my best friends, no secrets. I don''t judge a person based on anything, even when they say weird things or act way too crazy, until I get to know them. I see the good in every person even when others only see the bad. I''m always told I''m a great listener and I''m always willing to help with a problem or just talk to them if something is bothering them. I lose alot of the wierd things about me when i drink including the shyness. I''m not sure but I think I might be a hypocondriac. And the fact I haven''t cried in 4 years, really makes me feel uneasy.

I''m on the other side of the world, away from some of my best friends who I care so much for and a girl that has everything that my heart knows is the greatest, but is in a relationship already. I wont get to see my friends or family for a long time because of my job and I might not see many of my friends again. I still call them every once in a while and say how much i miss them. I know long distance friendships and relationships are hard but I never felt this sad and crappy before. After joining the military, my job, I knew I''d miss my friends back home, but after being at the same base for four years and making many friends there it was so much harder to leave there than leaving home. I felt that being there that long I lost all I did and all the friends I made there and now I feel so lonely even when I call them, and I feel lost.

This may be a broad question for you, but I just have to ask. What''s wrong with me?


GOD - In all this you never mentioned Me? Your problem is you''re self-centered. You''re your favorite thing to think about. Being in the military you have a good example of how to deny your self worth for the good of the whole. If you ever want to be worth anything to Me you''ll do what Christ commanded: `DENY YOURSELF, pick-up your cross and follow Me.`


by Mike - Apr 30, 2010

How can I rid myself from built up negativity and focus on my faith and good deeds towards thee?


GOD - Built up negativity? First you need to realize that you have no right to be treated better than Jesus was treated. In fact you deserve nothing but to die in your sins. Christ was perfect, sinless, innocent and was murdered. Yet from the cross He prayed to Me to forgive His mockers and killers for they don''t know what they''re doing. No built up negativity there!

Good deeds towards Me? You can''t do ANY good deeds toward Me.

Focus on faith: Ahhh now here''s where you can do something. Faith in Jesus is the only worthy thing you can do. Once you have learned to really Faithe, (Faithe is a verb)I can use you for My purposes. How do you learn to Faithe? Romans 10:17 `Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God.` Here''s a good place to start focusing: www.teachingfaith.com


by HHH - Apr 28, 2010

What are ghost''s and ufo''s according too you? I have read and seen enough stories from ordinary people to know that they are a real phenomenon, but whether they be good or evil I know not.


GOD - There are no such things as ghosts, (Except for the Holy Ghost which is My spirit.) as in dead people wandering around. However there are disembodied wicked spirits, (The spirits of those children fathered by angels you read of in Genesis.) pretending to be dead people in order to seduce you into believing in reincarnation, or that you can talk with your dead friends and relatives, and ultimately to possess your body.

As to UFO''s: UFO''s (Flying machines) are real, but they do not come any further away than the Earth. There are angelic beings that operate like flying machines as well. These are called Cherubim. You can read about them in the Old Testament, especially Ezechiel''s experiences with them. One thing for sure, there are no life forms visiting earth from another planet or galaxy. This is a ruse of Satan to make people lose sight of Me and the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


by lawton - Apr 28, 2010

What is the worlds coolest thing?


GOD - The Great Pyramid of Giza. It''s the Bible made of stone, and all its prophecies written in the mathematics of its measurements.

I had it built to preserve My Word for modern day science to reveal. It''s the answer to the mystery of Isiah 19:19.

Pretty cool if I do say so Myself.


by charlie - Apr 27, 2010

what pizza do you like


GOD - Just like I made the earth. Thin crust with everything on it.


by tom - Apr 27, 2010

hmmm maybe `someone` should have told Mohamed about this before he starting telling everyone there is no GOD but GOD. Dont you think? By the way I am one of those people who do believe that Jesus was a great holy man but I do not believe that he was the messiah.


GOD - First - Mohammad was Satan incarnate, producing the false religion of antichrist. `ANTI-Christ` The opposite of Christ. Get it? Islam reduces Jesus to a prophet, stripping Him of His divinity, and more importantly, stripping Him as the Savior of mankind. In fact Islam has Jesus to return and tell the world that He is not My son, and that Mohammad is the true messiah. This is pure pig vomit.

Second - You believe Jesus was a great holy man but not the messiah? So if your best friend one day told you that He was the Son of God, that he could forgive your sins, that only through him you could go to heaven, that only by praying in his name God will hear your prayers.... Would you would consider your friend a great holy man? No, you would call him a nut and a liar. These are the claims Jesus made. By making these claims Jesus gave the world no option to consider Him a good man, a holy man, or a moral man UNLESS He was My Son. So stop being such a coward. Jesus was either a nut and a liar, or The Son of God. Nothing in between. His resurrection from the dead proves the latter. I suggest you immediately fall on your knees and beg him for forgiveness and to come into your heart. Time is running out for you or anybody to have this option.


by aizelle (andrea) - Apr 27, 2010

eveytime i pray i know you''re there. i ask answers for my questions and you give it to me. (witch is good) i ask for things to come true and it did.

but right now i am very depressed with a situation in my life.
i feel like no one is there for me, no one loves me at all, no one cares, and no matter what no matter who no matter what i do someone out there will always hate me....that''s what i feel right now.

i do pray a lot. i pray about it. i always say `Jesus i''ll lay it all down on you. please guide me and light my way. let your will be done`.

i pray like that. (but my prayer isn''t a memorized prayer)
but somehow even if i pray it just keeps on getting worst more and more each day.

i feel like i want to die. but if i commit suicide i''m going to hell (of coarse) i don''t want to go there. i want to up.

my only questions. are.
are still there? do you still know that i''m still breathing? have you forgotten about me? do you still know that i''m alive? are you just testing me? do you still love me?

i want to know.
God i just wish you still remember me. ``


GOD - I will never leave you or forsake you if you keep a grip on Jesus. Keep the faith Aizelle.


by Angie - Apr 26, 2010

Why did my father die 5 years ago when I was 15 and my brother only 9? We are very lonely without him and need a father, but he''s gone.


GOD - For now it''s not for you to know why your father died. It''s for you to live in Christ and be guided by your heavenly Father. So stop asking `why` and start asking `what` can you do for Me.


by v - Apr 26, 2010

what do i have to do to be a better person?
and what do i have to do to get my life back on track?


GOD - Start by changing your email address. xhillsidemurderx@yahoo.com















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