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by Jonathan - Feb 24, 2010

Dear lord...i love my girlfriend so much and we been threw so much..and she had a baby by a another man my question to u is should i move on and start my life over or should i stay with my gf and raise the child if it was my own because i was there while she was in labor and i cut the cord when the beautiful baby was born please give me wisdom and help me decide on what i should do...please


GOD - Are you Christians? Do you love her? If the answer to both questions is `yes` then My answer is stay and make a Christian home.


by Benjamin - Feb 22, 2010


I am writing you because I am struggling between a choice. I live in a town in Texas with my intermediate family. I have moved all over the country. To places with loved ones. I move somewhere, fail and then end up back in Texas. I recently have a chance to get on my feet in Washington, the town I am debating to move back too I have family and friends there. There is alot of problems in the family, but I want to be a light for you. I have a desire to be a beacon of light for you in the town and I also have my own will to be with the good parts of the family and a light unto the others. Same with the friends. My parents want me here because they love their kid. I feel they are a little bias and I am 23. I have no friends in this town and I cannot stand the churches here.. they are so watered down and lack conviction. I have tried to get involved with the groups at church and make friends but it never works. I want to go back to Spokane, for you, for me and for the people that want/need me there. Let me know what I should do. Thanks.:)

I love you


GOD - Big clue: You keep ending up back in Texas.


by J Carlos - Feb 21, 2010

Can I remarry after divorce?


GOD - Of course you can.


by Tony - Feb 21, 2010

The bible tells us that GOD is ALL POWERFUL and NOTHING is impossible for him and that he desires nothing more than for us to be saved!... Then the idea that all are not saved would seem to contradict this statement of GOD being all powerful and His primary desire for all to be saved... Why is that?


GOD - Yes, I can do whatever I want. But for your sake I want you to know you can trust Me to keep My word. Adam and Eve sinned and killed all men spiritually from that moment until now. Jesus died and raised and brought life back to those who would believe, trust and faithe on Him. That''s the deal.

As to I `desire nothing more for all of you to be saved`? The `all of you` is NOT everybody. They are only the ones I chose before I even created the Earth. Many are called, FEW are chosen. Most are not either one.


by Alexander - Feb 21, 2010

God, I am 35 years old. No career, No financial security, no job, no stability in life, no house to secure my child`s future. My marriage is breaking up. My wife is fed up of me. I have an old mom and i dont know HOW LONG I CAN GO ON BEING A TOTAL FAILURE AND LOSER IN LIFE. I AM FED UP OF LIVING LIKE THIS. GOD.....WHY WONT YOU LET ME WIN SOME MONEY FROM THE LOTTERY???


GOD - Money is not the answer. Jesus is the answer. And when you truly have Jesus living in your heart, you will become a cheerful giver. That''s right Alex, you don''t need Me to give to you, you need to learn to give to Me!


by andrew gardener - Feb 20, 2010

How do we know you are real?


GOD - If I wasn''t, you would not have the capacity to wonder about the question.


by Victor - Feb 19, 2010

Thank You for answering my question. I''m doing my best to avoid that mark. If somebody ever figures out who Mr. 666 is, do You suppose that somebody could get Mr. 666 to repent or would that mess up Your plans for the end times?


GOD - Repentance is not offered to fallen angels.


by brandon - Feb 18, 2010

i love you god


GOD - ;)


by Joshua - Feb 18, 2010

I''ve been a cop for almost 9 years. I had to resign during my divorce because my ex wife and her family''s constant harassment was causing a problem for the department I worked for in south Florida. I moved to West Virginia and got another police job. It was awful. The chief of police was a brother in Christ but the rest of the town government was not and I was constantly being asked to do illegal things. I refused and the chief backed me up. When he retired, I was fired within the month.

I like to think I''m the kinda cop everybody wants to have around; honest and professional, tough enough to handle problems but nice enough to change a tire for someone in need. I really do like to help people and it''s one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. Don''t get me wrong, the respect and adrenaline are fun but they''re just side effects.

I''ve got 2 job offers. A trucking company wants me to come drive for them and the local sheriff wants me to be one of his deputies. I was gonna ask which to choose but after reading through this site I''ve already decided to put the badge back on. It''s a mess out there and people need all the help they can get, even mine.

My new question is how do you go on trying to help people that are either ungrateful or just don''t care? Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks for listening boss.


GOD - Hey Joshua, being a cop is a thankless job. But I thank you for doing it. The answer to your question is simple: Your life is not your job. Your life is unto Me. Be the best cop you can be and do your work wholly to the Lord. When your shift is over, hang up the uniform and spend the rest of the day doing a much more important job...being a faithful servant to Me through faith in Christ.















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