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by sam - Feb 26, 2010

god. should i get a divorce from garry am i doing the wrong thing?


GOD - If your marriage is not Jesus centered. A good divorce is better than a bad marriage.


by Patricia - Feb 26, 2010

I fell ridiculous writing here.But The more I pray the less I have answers... :(
I''m unhappy and sometimes I want to die.I try to do the right thing but it always turns out it''s not.I work hard and when I need time off to take care of my daughter I get yelled at and they tell me they will fire me.I''m blessed with a daughter who saved me from the life I lived,who saved me when I tried to kill myself and yet sometimes I still want to die.I love my boyfriend and I would want to get married...But he doesn''t.I try to keep my strength and I try to be good...But I,m weak and lonely inside.I pray for guidance but no answer.II hate myself but I still try to keep faith in me...I tell myself it''s all just a bad dream and things will get better...But it doesn''t!I I''m so tired of waking up and knowing no mater what I will do I will end the day with my regrets and sorrow.So I''m asking you this...What is my purpose here on earth,cause to me it seems all I''m here for is to suffer.


GOD - You need to have a real sit down with My son Jesus Christ. He knows what suffering is, and He came to suffer so you don''t have to. Talk to Him, and ask Him to live in you and to heal you. Then have faith that He will. Don''t let Satan beat you up in your mind that you''re not worth or worthy enough for Christ to bother with you. Tell him to go to hell! Also - Putting Jesus first, go to the doctor. There''s nothing wrong with taking medication if the doctors discover a chemical imbalance causing your depression. Just make sure you''re relying on Jesus to guide the doctors and the prescriptions. Stay in control and stay aware of their effects.

Your daughter deserves a healthy mom. So go to the great healer Jesus, and go see your doctor.


by gummybear - Feb 25, 2010

why did u make girls and women have periods, isnt there another way? what did we do to deserve this? ``


GOD - I suggest you read the first book of Bible. Pay close attention to a woman named Eve.


by Joshua - Feb 25, 2010

I am Jewish. I have always tried to do the right thing in life as well as to lead a good life. I do believe in you mighty God. However like most of the people in my faith and a few others we beleive that Jesus was a great prophet but not the son of God. Are we `Non Christians` condemed by you who we beleive in God but not that Jesus is God? For if Jesus is your son then infact we are all sons and daughters of God or am I wrong.
Your son Joshua


GOD - You are wrong. BTW - Why would you call Jesus a great prophet if He was not My Son? Would you call a man a `great prophet` that says He is God, says He can forgive sins, says that ONLY through Him you can get to heaven? NO you would call that man a nut, a liar, or a con man. So don''t keep fooling yourself that Christ was a good and wise teacher if you don''t also recognize He is what He said He was. My Son, and the savior of mankind. I suggest you read this: www.christiansanity.com


by Domien - Feb 25, 2010

are you happy?


GOD - Yep.


by cindy - Feb 24, 2010

Iam divorced i left my husband because he is gay and abusive people tell me i have to go back with him i think thats nuts hopefuly you agree too.


GOD - I agree to ignore the abusive condemnatory cult of `Christians`. Now make Jesus the man in your life. Take the time to develop your relationship with Him. Then if you need to, ask Christ to find you a real Christian man. The problem is there are very few that are not just a professing Christian. Be careful, or you will find yourself in another hell of a marriage. Worse even.


by Laura - Feb 24, 2010

Dear God,
Out of the more than 34,000 different denominations, sects, individual unaffiliated churches, and para-church groups in Christianity, which one of them is the `true religion` and therefore best way to get to you; and if none are best then why do the religious leaders of each group claim that they are the best way to gain your favor?


GOD - Most all (99.9%) religious denominations and sects, (Christian or otherwise) are rooted in Satan. He has so muddied the waters that it''s almost impossible to see the one tree of life in the forest of confusion.

Jesus Christ is the light, the life and the way. It''s as simple as that. Being a Christian is an intimate relationship between Jesus and yourself. It starts with confession and repentance, (Repentance is not just being sorry for your sins. Repentance is the action of turning from them and walking a new path away from your old sins.) with asking and acceptance of Jesus in your heart. Jesus is kept in your heart by Faith that is continually striving to be less like you and more like Jesus. This new life in you is nurtured ONLY by hearing the word. `Faith cometh by hearing, hearing the word of God.`

But how can you hear without a preacher? Now we''re back to the same question. Most preachers are preaching a false doctrine. They don''t know it, but Satan infiltrated the Church at its conception and the church for the most part has been producing false teachers and false Christians for 2000 years.

But I have always had some true and faithful preachers. These days I can recommend one voice that is teaching faith correctly. www.teachingfaith.com


by Jonathan - Feb 24, 2010

Dear lord...i love my girlfriend so much and we been threw so much..and she had a baby by a another man my question to u is should i move on and start my life over or should i stay with my gf and raise the child if it was my own because i was there while she was in labor and i cut the cord when the beautiful baby was born please give me wisdom and help me decide on what i should do...please


GOD - Are you Christians? Do you love her? If the answer to both questions is `yes` then My answer is stay and make a Christian home.


by Benjamin - Feb 22, 2010


I am writing you because I am struggling between a choice. I live in a town in Texas with my intermediate family. I have moved all over the country. To places with loved ones. I move somewhere, fail and then end up back in Texas. I recently have a chance to get on my feet in Washington, the town I am debating to move back too I have family and friends there. There is alot of problems in the family, but I want to be a light for you. I have a desire to be a beacon of light for you in the town and I also have my own will to be with the good parts of the family and a light unto the others. Same with the friends. My parents want me here because they love their kid. I feel they are a little bias and I am 23. I have no friends in this town and I cannot stand the churches here.. they are so watered down and lack conviction. I have tried to get involved with the groups at church and make friends but it never works. I want to go back to Spokane, for you, for me and for the people that want/need me there. Let me know what I should do. Thanks.:)

I love you


GOD - Big clue: You keep ending up back in Texas.















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