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by may - Feb 15, 2010

when i''m i going to get pregnant i been waiting for this.


GOD - Waiting does not get you pregnant.


by vin - Feb 14, 2010

I have had problems with my father. We work together and he appears to only care about himself. I have a family to think about but he only cares about his horses and fishing and new wife. He is past the retirement age and me and my brother do all the work but he collects the same paycheck he has for the last twenty years. I don''t want to sound greedy but I have my future and family to think about.
Thank you.


GOD - So your dad has had the same paycheck for 20 years? He never gave himself a raise? He provides employment for you and your brother? Sounds to Me like you guys should be grateful and honoring your father. If he feels your love and respect, he will all the sooner see your needs over his own. This is how good fathers are. I should know, hint hint!


by Someone - Feb 12, 2010

I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU EXIST, if you did the world would be perfect no war all peace, so get your ass down here and stop watchin from your couch......``


GOD - ROTFLMAO! If you think it''s bad now, just wait for what''s in store for those who don''t believe I exist!


by Nat - Feb 11, 2010

Dear God,
I know I should probably just fold my hands together and pray to you, but I admit sometimes I have trouble differentiating between your voice and mine. I feel kind of silly but as you know I''ve been struggling to achieve my dream my whole life. You are amazing and I thank you that I have not had to suffer any real losses, but I''m really beginning to question whether it''s time to give up on my dream. It used to bring me so much pleasure, but now I''ve been at it so long without any sign of success that most days I feel sad and lost. It would be difficult bc I''d have to find other means of financial income, and as you know above all because I do still love it, but I''m getting older and I''m not sure if I continue that I''ll be able to support myself eventually. I''m sort of afraid to hear the answer, but I know I have to accept if something''s not meant to be it won''t be. What do you think?
A little tired on my journey,
Your daughter ``


GOD - hey Nat, don''t give up on your dream. Just don''t put it first. Put Me first and I will put you first.


by swati - Feb 11, 2010

Dear God, I have fertility issues, I had a miscarriage last year. Desperately trying to conceive, am growing old and my body seems to be falling apart. Please help me. Please get me pregnant this time and let me deliver a healthy normal baby after 9 months, this year. Please God.


GOD - I don''t get woman pregnant anymore. Only had to do that once. All I can tell you is Jesus should be the priority of your life. Serve Him and Me with all your heart and all your soul. No baby can bring the comfort that you will get knowing you''re My child. This is what true happiness is.


by Diego - Feb 11, 2010

Dear Heavenly Father,

i write to you with tears in my eyes. For the last 6 month i''ve asked for strength. I am going through the darkest time in my life, and i cant help but feel abandoned buy your mercy. All i ask for is the chance to better my life and he life of my family who has done so much for me. I am an undocumented immigrant,i lost my job, and i cant afford school any more. I feel completely lost. Please father i ask for your guidance.


GOD - It''s the through the darkest times that I do my best work and you have the opportunity to trust Me. This is exactly what separates true faithful Christians from pretend Christians. Hold On!, Never Quit!, Trust in Jesus and the Lord YOUR God!


by Olivia - Feb 8, 2010

Is there an `in-between` heaven and earth? Like bits of both?


GOD - Nope, not like bits of both. But there is a lot in-between.


by shalane - Feb 7, 2010

one of my best friends cuts herself, i really want to help her but i don''t know how. i love her so much and i can''t lose another person in my life. how can i help her?


GOD - Lift her up in prayer and read this web site: http://www.safe-alternatives.com/


by Robin - Feb 7, 2010

Father, I thought I was walking in faith. I guess I wasn''t. Please forgive me, Father. Help me not do such stupid stuff again. People I thought were friends turned on me, but as long as You have not forsaken me, I''ll make it. In Jesus'' name. Amen.


GOD - You''re doing fine. If you were of the world the world would love you. But you are not of this world, so the world hates you, as they do Me and Jesus. Keep the faith, never quit.















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