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by kim - Nov 3, 2006

My son accepted Christ as his savior when he was about 14-15 yrs old. He is now 21. He went off to college, he was taught evolution and how they think God is not real, he came home saying, the bible isnt true and he thinks that Jesus was just a man, that what the bible says didnt really happen. I am concerned about him now and knowing the unforgiveable sin. Somehow i feel in my heart he really doesnt believe that to be true yet only says it because someone else has taught him this. How can i be of help to him ?


GOD - Point out to him that the higher education he is getting from college is the awakening that the `Christianity` he accepted was a false doctrine based on his environmental upbringing. He has been lied to for his entire `Christian` life about what he should believe by a church that promotes traditions not truths. The `Higher Education` he got was from a school that knows all the faults and flaws of traditional christianity and love to expose and crush the spirit in order to elevate themselves and perpetuate their belief of how smart they are. Tell your boy how lucky he is to learn the truth about his beliefs so young. All he needs to do is realize that all religion is wrong. Every single one of them. Higher education is great for learning how to be a doctor, but they too teach a false religion of scientism when it comes to religions and philosophy. It’s all based on absolute stupidity.

He needs to do 2 things.
1. Pray for enlightenment, wisdom and knowledge in Jesus'' name.
2. Study the evidence of my son''s resurrection. It''s all over the place. When he proves to himself that Jesus raised from the dead and 1000’s of people saw Him after the resurrection, the scales will drop from his eyes. And let him know that all those `Smart People` have never spent 10 days or even 10 minutes looking at the evidence. They don''t `Need` to because they have risen above such `non-sense` and created a religion where they are the gods. Been going on since Adam and Eve.

Oh, and Kim...You only get one question. This is your 2nd. I answered it for your boy''s sake and for the many that experience his same awakening.

Take care now.









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