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by john - Jun 2, 2006

had a second stroke,how can i pay bills,employer let me go,can''t do job anymore.


Hang your trust on Me, pray for your needs in Jesus'' name and act like your condition is a blessing. I''ll enter in if you''ll do that. In the mean time I have a `Job` for you, the Book of Job. Read it so you know how deal with your tribulations with faith.


by Brian - May 16, 2006

Why is there suffering in the world... if you are a `loving` GOD.. and I say that term loosely. Why do you allow a small child to live in torment from a burn or be ravaged by cancer.. seems like your a sick cruel individual...


God - Hey Brian your answer is because I said so. You need a new definition of love dude. I Am not Love. Love is a part of Me. But so is doing what I say. Adam decided to see if I was telling him the truth about that apple. I was. The world (and the little children) are made to suffer the results. Including My child, Jesus. He was murdered and I was bound by My word to LOVE YOU enough to let it happen. He volunteered to pay the ransom (with His blood) that bought you back from the clutches of death, Hell and the grave that Adam sold mankind into. I suggest you turn from hate to thankful real fast because I''m about ready to separate the good apples from the rotten apples for the last time!


by Dina - May 4, 2006

God (Not Jesus)- Why are there more than one religion and among a single religion, why is there more than one path? People are at war because of this..


God - Religions are not my making. They''re man made. I hate them all. There’s only 1 path. Jesus. Do your self a big favor and take 40 hours of your life to study and research this one question: Did Jesus resurrect? You might try reading `Who moved the stone?` and `Trial of the witnesses` for a good start. Thanks for your question Dina. -BigG


by kelly - Apr 19, 2006

Dear God:
i was wondering when is your son coming back to earth.


God - My advice would be to live every day like it''s your last. Don''t live those days for yourself, but live them for Me. If you do that you will not be robbed of eternity when Jesus returns like a cat burglar and snatches the crown jewels from Satan''s domain on Earth.

Have Faithe Kelly, not just belief. Faithe is a verb, it requires you to take action. Belief is for robots. Christ will leave all robots behind.

Good luck kid!





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