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by Pussy - Dec 14, 2018

Are you real


GOD - Yep.


by James Michael payne - Dec 13, 2018

Will you help me serve you through music, there is so much evil in this world because of music and I know that with the power of your love I can help rid this world of the evil that consumes innocent people who don’t even know what they are doing like myself. It would make my parents proud because I have disappointed them enough and I know that with the power through you it would make you proud as well


God - Go for it, but change your focus from "ridding the world from evil" to spreading the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.


by Katie - Dec 13, 2018

If Noah gathered 2 of every animal. Exactly how did he travel across the world before the flood And know exactly what animals he needed for the ark


GOD - It would be helpful if you took a few minutes to actually read the verses regarding Noah. btw it wasn't 2 of each. It was 5-7 each.


by Anthony - Dec 12, 2018

Why did you create such a horrible disease Feline Infectious Peritonitis and take my poor cats life? She was only four.


GOD - Why would you think I created disease? You need to educate yourself son. Going around blaming me for conditions of sin is not healthy to you eternal soul.


by Josh - Dec 9, 2018

Where there Kangaroos on the ark? and what does god do to people who havnt heard of christianity at all like a native tribe in a undiscovered island


GOD - Read the FAQ before asking your question.


by Sonya - Dec 8, 2018

how many times can I be forgived or saved by Jesus?


GOD - You've been saved, all sins are forgiven. Done deal. You can't sin enough to undo it. All you can do is reject Jesus as your savior, to not be covered by his blood, thus not protected from the penalty of death and sin. The choice is yours.


by Jules Macrew - Dec 4, 2018

Who did Cain breed with?


GOD - Ishi.


by Szymon - Dec 4, 2018

So a man can be a good person by man's standard? Why is man held to a standard he can never achieve? And the only way for man is possible if man believes in what to man even with the best of will is just one of many stories. And even if it could be proven, without divine intervention, man has to guess if it's worth it pursuing the proof. And a story like that could be made up by other men, and many are, for various reasons, so it could seem best to a man to accept only that which can't be doubted. And then a man would, if they will, try to understand what it means to be good on their own, and then find a way to be best they can on their own, without divine help. And all that doesn't seem unreasonable choices to me, yet I'm to believe a loving God would send such a man to Hell nevertheless? What is Hell then and how is it an adequate judgement for such a person? Even if distance from perfection is or seems infinite for the worst and the best of godless men, the distance between the two is significant within the world of men. Is God giving men ultimate justice this way? How can the best of godless men not deserve rather praise than punishment, for doing their best? This whole question is meaningless if man can be expected to believe, but can any creature be expected to believe a story to be true, when there are so many stories? Can a creature be sent to worst torment for choosing not to believe what could, to them, quite possibly be untrue? If those can't be blessed by God, can't they at least be spared Hell and given more merciful judgement?


God - Blah blah blah. If you want to "unfair" yourself out of heaven, have at it. As to the rest of humankind, not one soul will be judged incorrectly, for I see the heart and judge rightly.


by Addict - Dec 4, 2018

We are all created in His image; what's the deal with supernormal stimuli, dopamine, neuroplasticity, and deltafosB? Were we engineered to become addicts to porn, drugs, food, gambling, ect? Are these sin? Or are these demons working within us to hi-jack our time and efforts? How does Jesus help us overcome our engineering and instincts? I ask Jesus for help everyday, but I occasionally succumb to my food & porn addiction, even though I acknowledge it's hurting me in the long run. I want to become a better me, but am finding it hard to avoid my vices. I recognize that whole "Oh woe is me" is utter BS considering the torture he went through on the cross for me/us, I just hate myself because I keep disappointing Him.


GOD - Your design was made for an entirely different purpose that became flawed in the Garden when Adam and Eve brought sin into it. Satan then began to use it for his purposes. So recognize your working with a damaged product from the get go. That's why Christ had to offer himself up, so I could overlook the sins of those who believe, trust and faithe in him. So, you're going to stumble, don't feel guilty, for the sin is paid for. Be mad at satan. Take it out on him. God damn him to hell, and ask Jesus to help you become more like himself and less like yourself a little more each day. Faith is being on the offensive.


by Jeff - Dec 3, 2018

What would you say is the best way for a person to change their direction in life?


GOD - Asking Jesus to use you for his purposes.















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